Flexible filtration processes for pharma products with the PAC® system

A long standing customer in the European pharma industry will now benefit from highest possible filtration results. The decision for choosing two HEINKEL Inverting Filter Centrifuges of the HF series with PAC® system was based both on the outstanding technology and the long-term successful partnership.

The two HEINKEL Inverting Filter Centrifuges are both equipped with the PAC® system (Pressure Added Centrifugation) consisting of several components like pressure feed pipe as well as cooling and valve station. For the production of its high-quality pharma products, this customer will now benefit from highest flexibility for his multipurpose filtration processes.

By combining the advantages of centrifugation and differential pressure filtration, the residual moisture can be reduced up to 70 % in comparison with conventional centrifugation. This means shorter drying times, an easier discharge as well as avoiding the formation of lumps in a subsequent dryer.

The modular design of the PAC® system enables a retrofit, boosting the performance of the customer´s existing machines and meeting today´s challenges without need for new investments.

Find more info about our PAC® system and other system and software components here.