Laboratory & Pilot Plant Equipment

Even with today´s simulation techniques and computing power, pilot-sized process equipment is still indispensable for the development and refinement of new and existing products. During years of cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group has continually developed its tried-and-trusted pilot plant equipment which is already in use in many places worldwide.

The company is thus doing justice to increased requirements of industrial customers for safe handling, completely contained operation, flexibility and efficiency. The equipment meets the demand for devices suitable for use in potentially explosive areas in ATEX zones. The compact design of the pilot units facilitate transport from one place to another within the production plant – through narrow corridors and doorways or via lifts from one floor to another.

HEINKEL Group supplies various centrifuge, dryer and filterdryer units which can be installed with minimum requirement in respect to installation and cost. The equipment can also be rented for short term and product specific testing.

Tests can be accompanied by our highly experienced process engineers, who will use test results for throughput calculations, up-scaling and documentation.

Should you be interested in pilot equipment, please contact us.