Applications of our industrial centrifuges in the pharmaceutical industry

Solid-liquid separation in the pharmaceutical industry

HEINKEL Group’s products are particularly well established in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediate products, generics and other pharmaceutical substances. The high quality standard and strict adherence to industrial guidelines such as cGMP and GAMP, make it possible for our customers to produce primary active agents and their intermediates to the required, reproducible quality standards both safely and reliably.

Flexibility, enclosed processing and easy cleaning mean that HEINKEL Group’s products are not only used to process individual active ingredients, but they are also found in multi-product systems with short campaigns.

Multi-purpose pharmaceutical production systems demand hygiene and safety. To meet these demands HEINKEL Group offers a range of options including various sanitary solutions. Almost any solvent can be used allowing compatibility of the utilities with the process solvents.

CIP systems cover the entire machine and discharge parts. In some cases a special reflux cleaning system with reverse distillation of solvents ensures comprehensive cleaning, which could not be guaranteed by spray nozzles and mechanical devices alone. Partial flooding of the machine is also a more and more popular way to clean the unit. These systems and clean room installations are popular options.

SIP systems are available for machines processing sterile products.

HEINKEL Group systems can be found in the API facilities of all leading pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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