Applications in the food industry

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa Mass
  • Food additives / ingredients
  • Vitamins
  • Health care products
  • Heat-treated natural products
  • Spices, herbs, tea, cereals, extract mixtures
  • Preliminary homeopathic products

Processing technologies in the food industry

HEINKEL GROUP’s equipment has been used for decades in the production of food and health care products in the widest sense, provided that the products to be processed can be termed bulk goods, solids, solid particles or piece goods in any way. In many cases, products in powder or agglomerate form must be homogenized, mixed with additives, moistened and dried. Natural products such as cocoa, coffee or nuts must be subjected to heat treatment, extraction, sterilization or another process while constantly mixing them. Product mixtures must be degassed, dust-forming powders must be bound or in some cases roughly agglomerated.

The regulations governing the production of such products are becoming increasingly strict. This is why it is important to use a machine tailored for these applications that will fulfil the strictest requirements already in its standard version, as well as making full product handling and rapid, satisfactory cleaning possible, thus resulting in a pure product.

The products are often very sensitive and must be treated gently throughout the entire process, even if the general economic conditions require high throughput volume. Constant availability, the greatest possible flexibility, simple operation, low investment and operating costs, while maintaining unlimited safety standards and consistently good product characteristics are other important criteria. All these requirements can be fulfilled with the equipment offered by HEINKEL Group’s.

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