COMBER pilot and lab units for reproducible process results and reliable scale-up

Pilot plants and laboratory equipment are essential for optimal and reliable process results. Various tests and simulations clarify all important questions in advance, thus ensuring reliable scale-ups and your success when investing in the ideal production machine.

In order to develop new products or optimise existing ones, the COMBER pilot and lab units provide reproducible process results on a small scale. The verified results can be transferred to a large scale and enable the optimum design of the production unit.

With technical expertise, many years of process experience and the proven and reliable pilot plants, COMBER supports its customers in achieving maximum output with the optimum process equipment.

The pilot and laboratory plants are characterised by safe and flexible handling, an optional contained operation and a compact design for easy transport. The pilot unit can be equipped with all drives, instrumentation and hydraulics. Depending on the application, the systems meet the requirements of ATEX certification / UL approvement, comply with cGMP and FDA and can also be supplied in hygienic and / or steam-sterilisable design.

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