Cylindro Conical Dryer CCD with wide range of applications

The BOLZ Cylindro Conical Dryer CCD is an all-rounder. With its flexible design, different agitators and material grades, it can be adapted to almost any process requirement in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. It is used as vacuum contact dryer and evaporator as well as steriliser or alkaliser, providing the highest quality […]

Customised inerting concepts Heinkel

Customised inerting concepts

Wherever explosive substances are handled, plant owners in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are responsible for operator and environmental safety and for taking suitable precautions. The Heinkel Group’s know-how and experience help them implement appropriate safety measures and inerting concepts – from SIL 1 to SIL 3. You can find the full article here. Source: CPP, […]

Inerting concept for centrifuges

The HEINKEL Centripurge SIL 3 inerting system guarantees compliance with the latest safety regulations as per TRGS 725 for hazardous, potentially explosive atmospheres. Developed by the HEINKEL Group, this system is particularly suitable for applications demanding the highest levels of quality and safety, such as the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals or dietary supplements.

Tailor-made solutions: customized centrifuges for rock candy sugar

The Raffnerie Tirlemontoise, production site of the Candico sugars near Antwerp, Belgium, has a long tradition in manufacturing special sugar products. The production of the amber-colored rock candy sugar previously was done in two centrifuges. For several reasons these two centrifugal machines have been replaced by HEINKEL centrifuges.

Remote maintenance included

HEINKEL has optimised system and machine control. The corresponding HMI panels work with the S7 TIA control system from Siemens and thus facilitate the operation of centrifuges, (filter) dryers and mixers of both the corporate HEINKEL, BOLZ-SUMMIX and COMBER brands and third-party makes.