Conical screw dryer for gentle processing of pigments

For the production of pigments, a new customer in the chemical industry relies on the BS-pilotDRY® from BOLZ-Summix, which is particularly characterised by gentle product handling. In addition, BOLZ was able to convince with an economically attractive retrofit, a very short project timeline and finally with its comprehensive know-how for product trials and scale-ups.

The basic conditions for the project were anything but easy: an extremely tight schedule and budget as well as product trials by the customer in advance which did not deliver the desired results because the pigments were destroyed by agitating too much. For the customer, the decisive factor was the unique, absolutely gentle mixing behaviour of the orbital arm system, which was confirmed by the tests with a BS-miniDRY®. In this gentle three-dimensional mixing process, even mechanically sensitive products are not destroyed.

With the retrofit of a suitable used machine, BOLZ provided a cost-effective and at the same time customised conical screw dryer on pilot-size scale. The timeline for the implementation was a key issue for the process success: It took less than seven months from the first tests on a laboratory plant, to process definition, to a customised retrofit and the commissioning of the BS-pilotDRY® on-site.

With its extensive know-how in the field of mixing and drying and its high-quality mixing and drying systems, BOLZ was once again able to lead a customer project to success rapidly and cost-effectively.

Find out more about the BS-pilotDRY® which is mobile, compact, easy to install and ideally suited for the simulation of processes and production steps.