Leading chemical plant relies on efficient drying with COMBER Vacuum Dryer and Filter Dryer

Chemical plants need high-performance installations which are characterized by an optimized heat transfer, reduced drying times and an excellent product discharge performance. To meet these demanding requirements, four high-quality COMBER machines, one Condry® series TDC 4200 and three Pressofiltro® series 5000, are being shipped to a new Asian customer in the chemical industry.

With its special agitator design, the COMBER Condry® allows a gentle handling of the entire product mass without the formation of lumps or balls. The conical bottom enables full product discharge characteristics.

Benefits for the chemical industry with COMBER Condry® and Pressofiltro®

Thanks to large heat exchange areas, both the Condry® and Pressofiltro®, ensure a very good drying performance. For its chemical production with maximum product yield, the customer will also benefit from three Pressofiltro® with heel break system, breaking up the heel remaining after the product has been discharged. It ensures there is no heel left after filtering by pressurising with nitrogen.

These four machines are being shipped to the customer after the successful online FAT – great job of our COMBER colleagues in a challenging project time line!

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