JONGIA´s innovative LiquidZ Sensor Technology Programme at ACHEMA 2024: “The DNA of Mixing”

At the joint booth C49 of the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group in hall 6.0., JONGIA is presenting its innovative LiquidZ Sensor Technology programme for process optimisation at this year’s ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. From 10 to 14 June 2024, visitors will experience the “Smart Agitator”, which uses sensor technology and data science to determine the optimum process parameters.

With its new LiquidZ Sensor Technology Programme, Jongia emphasizes their expertise and innovative drive. Combining sensor technology with data science, the company has developed a smart solution for the optimisation of the customer´s process.

Sensor technology for measurement of mixing parameters
The “Smart Agitator” is the central element of the LiquidZ Sensor Technology Programme. Numerous specific mixing sensors turn an agitator into a sensor-unit that can measure mixing parameters in the process. For data collection, the sensors are installed on the agitator, in some cases directly in the tank, in which the agitator is mounted. The sensors record data from the agitator such as mixing efficiency, agitator parameters, rotation speeds and much more.

Translation into optimum process parameters
Jongia’s “LiquidZ team”, consisting of experts in data-science and process technology, then analyses all collected data. The combination of data analysis and its translation into process technology parameters is the core competence of the LiquidZ team which can report the actual data and performance coming from the agitator. When comparing these values with the original initiated parameters of the process, the differences are revealed. These insights make it possible to map how processes perform in terms of process efficiency, batch times, energy reduction but also raw material additions. This in turn enables the customer to run its stirring process optimally and thus reduce costs by the smart combination of sensor technology, data science and process know-how.