New BOLZ-SUMMIX Cylindro Conical Mixer: Customer benefits from effective, uninterrupted operation

Several reasons convinced a global technology company to replace its existing mixer with a BOLZ-SUMMIX Cylindro Conical Mixer from the CCM series. For the production of the particularly demanding materials, the company has been using the Cylindro Conical Mixer since September 2019, ensuring short mixing times and eliminating maintenance work on the bottom bearings. Despite limited space its geometry made it easy to install it in the production plant.

The previous mixer was getting on in years, required a lot of maintenance and could no longer meet the current requirements for the production of specialty chemicals and high-tech materials. As a leading manufacturer of machines and system solutions in the fields of mixing and drying, BOLZ was able to increase the efficiency of the production on customer site with the Cylindro Conical Mixer. Additionally the company could score points in competition thanks to its wealth of experience on which the BOLZ experts could rely when replacing the mixer. With limited space in the existing production plant, the mixer could only be installed in the existing floor opening from below.

Reduced maintenance

When selecting the new mixer, it was decisive for the customer that the BOLZ-SUMMIX Cylindro Conical Mixer gets by with a flying mixer shaft without bottom bearings. This significantly reduces maintenance on the mixer, avoiding unnecessary production downtimes.

Another focus was on the possibility of manual dosing the finished product into sales containers such as sacks, hobbocks or big bags. By using a dosing screw at the mixer outlet, the new BOLZ- SUMMIX mixer can now dose more accurately and faster into the individual containers.

Shorter mixing times

Mixing times are shortened considerably by using the innovative helix agitator. The dustproof design of the Cylindro Conical Mixer ensures that operators are no longer exposed to the dusty product.

In just nine months, the BOLZ experts provided the customer with a tailor-made solution that not only meets all technical requirements, but also enables more efficient production and, last but not least, improves the working conditions of the operating personnel.