COMBER – Heel Break System for maximum Product Yield

Increasing demands on the safety of operators and maximum product yield require modern, efficient systems. The COMBER Pressofiltro filter dryer features high performance and process reliability as well as easy validation. As an option, it also offers an effective, automated Heel Removal System, which enables residual layer-free product discharge.

COMBER offers an effective Heel Removal System for its cGMP and FDA compliant Pressofiltro filter dryers to completely discharge high value products, for example in the pharmaceutical industry. It consists of the Heel Break System, the Whirl Snake Turbine and the Powder Discharge System, including cyclone separator and an additional plug valve.

Heel Removal System increases safety

After regular product discharge, the Heel Break System ensures that the remaining residual layer is broken open. For this purpose the multilayer filter plate is pressurized from below with bursts of nitrogen occuring sequentially per segment. Thus the heel breaks up and can then be discharged by the agitator. The use of the Whirl Snake Turbine supports this process as any remaining product on the filter plate is blown towards the discharge port by the use of nitrogen. The rotating nozzle heads (Whirl Snake Turbine) and a simultaneously rotating agitator ensure that all areas in the vessel are reached and the remaining product is discharged completely. The contained and automated process with the optional use of a cyclone thus ensures the maximum product yield and increases the efficiency of the processes. Last but not least, the Heel Removal System, as an alternative to manual emptying using a glove box, also significantly increases safety for the operating personnel and the product itself.

Product features and varying designs

Further product features distinguish the Pressofiltro filter dryers. They are characterized by a lowerable filter bottom which provides optimum access for cleaning and inspection. With rounded transitions and without any screw connections, all product-wetted surfaces are designed dead space free. The agitator is mounted at the top, the shaft is sealed by a double mechanical seal accessible from the outside and with bellows. Simultaneous rotary and vertical movements of the agitator enable efficient moving of the entire product mass.

The filter dryers from COMBER are available in varying designs for multipurpose applications in the mechanical and thermal separation of solids from liquids. Depending on requirements, filter dryers can be made available in Ex-design as well as with CIP and SIP functions. In addition, customers can choose between different select materials – from stainless steel to Hastelloy, titanium and other product wetted materials.



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