Achema 2024: Safe processing for demanding products with COMBER machines

From 10 to 14 June 2024, ACHEMA 2024 will take place in Frankfurt am Main. ACHEMA is the leading trade show for the process industry with a global signal effect for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy and environmental sectors. At the joint booth C49 in hall 6.0, the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group with its brands BOLZ-SUMMIX, COMBER, HEINKEL and JONGIA will be presenting innovative product highlights and tried-and-tested solutions.

COMBER is a specialised manufacturer of pressure vessels – in particular agitated Nutsche filter and filter dryer but also vertical conical dryer and pan dryer as well as horizontal reactors and dryer. The majority of the COMBER customers are from the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and chemical industry. With more than 60 years of experience for process machinery, COMBER realises custom-made solutions for efficient filtering and (contact-vacuum) drying.

Universal filter-dryer for different process steps
Among COMBER machines, the Pressofiltro® filter-dryer is the flagship, meeting highest requirements for safety and product quality at short drying times, together with sophisticated functionality and flexibility. The Pressofiltro® is therefore ideally suited for the production of API and HPAPI.
Moreover, the filter-dryer Pressofiltro® carries out various process steps in a single piece of equipment, including filtration, washing, reslurry and vacuum drying of the slurry. The filter-dryer offer great flexibililty in batch processes and fulfill the stringent cGMP and FDA guidelines. They can operate fully automatically and can be integrated into the distribution control system (DCS) of the production plant.

Fulfilling highest requirements for API and HPAPI
Besides the standard production, the Pressofiltro® is in high demand for the production of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and HPAPI (High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Due to the high level of containment and the considerable value of the finished product, the use of high containment filter-dryer from COMBER with discharge through isolators (glove boxes) offer multiple benefits. In terms of safety, they minimize the operator exposure to the product during unloading of the equipment, as the discharge is integrated in the glove box. Isolators can be passive or active, single or double chamber, depending on the level of containment required (OEL).

Modular solutions for residual heel discharge
For its Pressofiltro® filter dryer, COMBER offers various solutions for the efficient recovery of residual product in the equipment which in combination ensure a complete product yield. The Heel Break System breaks up the heel remaining after the product has been discharged with bursts of nitrogen pressurized from below the filter plate. This is particularly effective in combination with the Whirl Snake® Turbine, using nitrogen which is blown towards the discharge port. There is also the possibility for Nitrogen Heel Brushing, where nitrogen is blown through nozzles installed on the agitator blades onto the residual layer with the goal of removing it.

In addition, COMBER offers complete lines, including solvent recovery, heating systems, vacuum units and integrated automation. They are available in ex-design as well as with CIP and SIP functions, depending on requirements.