HEINKEL Centripurge: Inerting system for highest quality and safety requirements

With the inerting system HEINKEL Centripurge, according to SIL 3, HEINKEL developed an unprecedented inerting system for areas exposed to explosion hazards. Based on state-of-the-art technology and TÜV-tested, it guarantees compliance to the latest safety regulations with reference to actual standards. The system is suitable in particular for applications in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries with highest requirements in respect to quality and safety, such as in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals and dietary supplements.

When handling explosive substances in the process industries, it’s in the responsibility of plant operators to evaluate dangers and risks for both people and the environment caused by possible explosions. This concept enables them to implement the appropriate safety precautions. The dangers of explosion in production plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry emanate from a number of factors in work processes such as filtering, sieving, agitating and separating for example solvents or combustible hazardous substances, from handling and processing. The safety-related characteristics of the substances used are key for the risk assessment. To achieve a high safety level in the areas exposed to explosion hazards, plant operators are obliged to implement the specifications of the relevant laws, directives, rules and standards. This includes the preservation of the proper operational state as well as the frequent maintenance of safety systems by qualified personnel.

Improved safety for areas exposed to explosion hazards

The innovative TÜV-tested inerting concept HEINKEL Centripurge according to SIL 3 makes it easier for operators to adhere to the applicable safety regulations and fulfills the requirements of actual standards. In the design, the highest requirement was taken into account, in which, in the non-inerted case, the permanent presence of an explosive atmosphere (zone 0) as well as a permanently existing ignition source is assumed. This results in a monitoring device according to SIL 3 with a hardware failure tolerance of 2 (HFT2). This means HEINKEL Centripurge guarantees the safe operation of equipment in explosion-proof areas in accordance with the latest legal requirements. The operator does not need to have any of its own validation measures in place. This standardization saves time and reduces costs. HEINKEL Centripurge has a modular structure and can be adapted to suit individual requirements, for example in the case of reduced safety requirements in Zone 1 or 2 in the processing chamber. Both the SIL requirement and the hardware failure tolerance are reduced according to the zone specification.

HEINKEL: Expertise and know-how

With its experience and know-how, HEINKEL also supports its customers in inerting updates of third-party equipment. The experts retrofit existing installations and obsolete systems with HEINKEL Centripurge and bring them up to date. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers expert support in the legally stipulated annual test of the inerting facilities and thus guarantees continuous compliance to applicable standards and guidelines.