New product generation of peeler centrifuges: HEINKEL proudly presents the BLUETECTOR®

When the latest process technology and sophisticated design meet decades of experience and engineering skills, real innovations are born: HEINKEL proudly presents its new BLUETECTOR® machine generation, setting new standards in the field of horizontal peeler centrifuges. The new development proves that highest efficiency and maximum flexibility do not require any compromise. The BLUETECTOR® offers a wide range of solutions for various solids, increases productivity, providing excellent product quality even at large production volumes. The product innovation features a patented housing design, innovative drive concepts, ease of maintenance and user friendliness as well as an intelligent energy management.

With its new BLUETECTOR® machine generation, HEINKEL presents a peeler centrifuge with the latest process technology. The new brand design features an optimized and patented housing shape which permits the efficient filtrate drainage through the rear wall without any additional guidance for the liquid. The innovative, slidable machine cover reduces noise emissions and contamination of the technical area, providing quick and easy access. This guarantees safe handling for the machine operator and facilitates maintenance work.

The BLUETECTOR® peeler centrifuge is only equipped with electric drives, also in hazardous areas up to ATEX zone 1, ensuring excellent cleanliness without hydraulic oil and belt abrasion. In addition, the intelligent drive concept reduces friction losses to a minimum and enables the use of an optimised electric motor, without belt drive. This means shorter batch times, lower energy consumption and lower operating costs.

The new peeler allows low-shear and gentle product discharge and protects the discharge chute from contamination. Individual settings enable the efficient discharge of various solids and a maximum variability to minimise cycle times. In addition, the BLUETECTOR® is characterised by an integrated cleaning concept and offers a wide variety of flexible solutions with the latest process technology – from container filling with frequent product changes to continuous operation.


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