JONGIA´s highly efficient systems

For the manufacture of paints and lacquers JONGIA offers its dual mixing system consisting of an anchor type mixer combined with a fast running dissolver for mixing in additives. This combination can replace some of the commonly used expensive “column type” mixing systems. The anchor mixer keeps the mixture homogeneous and is fed by the fast running mixer. A single or double special design multi counter-flow element ensures perfect homogeneity.

Mixing thickeners into water-based paint can be challenging. JONGIA’s dual mixing system is used to create a stable emulsion to which thickeners can be added in a later stage of the production process. Ultimately, creating a lump-free, homogeneous and stable end product is the goal which the clients aim to achieve.

For the manufacture of solvent-based paints and lacquers JONGIA is certified to supply mixers suitable for ATEX Zone 1 and 0. JONGIA offers a so-called counter-rotating mixer suitable for ATEX zone 1. When a product is highly viscous JONGIA´s counter-rotating mixing system is the perfect substitute for the dual mixing system described above. The working area of the counter-rotating system is larger. An added advantage is that the system can be used when there is limited space on the tank top.

The experts from JONGIA will be more than happy to give you further explanations at the European Coatings Show. The company will exhibit top entry mixers with multi counter-flow element in a 4m tank. These mixing elements are eminently suitable for mixing in additives in base paint. Whether the requirements prescribe mixers suitable for ATEX zones or not, customers can rely on JONGIA for the right choice of robust, durable and reliable mixing systems with the optimal TCO.