JONGIA at ACHEMA 2018 – Gas inducing mixer guarantees optimal mass transfer rates

At the ACHEMA JONGIA is presenting its top quality agitators, which are very energy efficienct and minimize production times, live in a four-meter-high mixing tank. In the tank which has a large window for viewing the action, the industry specialist will be presenting its innovative mixer with gas-inducing shaft and elements, as well as a bottom and side entry version of the Magitator which is a mixer with a magnet coupled drive.

With almost 80 years of experience and wide-ranging know-how in agitating and mixing processes, JONGIA Mixing Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial mixers and agitators.

JONGIA’s gas-inducing mixer combines a high induced gas flow rate with fine dispersion of the gas and therefore a large interfacial area. Excellent mass transfer can be accurately predicted, also on large scale.

The innovative mixer with gas-inducing elements is an agitating system for gas-liquid reactors which enables gas recovery from the gas cap through the hollow agitating shaft without the need for an additional gas compressor. High levels of gas and optimal material transmission without an expensive recirculation compressor are the hallmarks of the mixer. Its design concept allows for a low agitation speed so that the mixer can be operated below its critical speed and there are no uneven loads on the shaft and bearings. The innovative mixer basically comprises two elements which are assembled on a hollow mixing shaft: On the one hand a mixing element like a hydrofoil, which pumps downwards, and, on the other, the gas inducer which consists of hollow cylindrical arms on the shaft with nozzles on the downstream side. The gas inducer is positioned just below the mixing element. The flow generated by the mixing element causes a vacuum at the nozzles resulting in an induction of gas. Depending on the application multiple sets can be installed.

See brochure for more info: Download – Gas Inducing Mixer

Magitator – hermetically sealed magnetic mixer

JONGIA is also demonstrating live a bottom and a side entry version of its Magitator in the mixing tank. The latest development is especially developed for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, where companies have to deal with product contaminations, exothermic reactions and work with extremely aggressive products. Prevention of seal leakage and product contamination has top priority. The Magitator’s main feature is its hermetically closed and sealless shaft design. The mixer can be operated in almost any chemical environment, including in processes where hydrosulfic acid, hydrofluoric acid, amines, isocyanides and NaOH are used.

The Magitator is fit to keep the product homogeneous. Certain additives and solids can be mixed in when injected into the zone of the mixing head. Opting for the Magitator ensures that the tank can remain hermetically closed under highly sanitary conditions. The open design of the mixing head ensures an optimum flow for easy cleaning and efficient mixing. The cleanability of the magitator is compliant with the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements. Zero-emission is ensured and in addition the absence of a mechanical seal considerably cuts down on maintenance costs.

See brochure for more info: Download Magitator – Magnetic Mixer