Compact, reduced and functional: “Economical-Version” of the mobile laboratory dryer BS-miniDRY

For decades now, BOLZ-SUMMIX has represented expertise in mixing and drying for the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The company will be presenting select product highlights as well as its tried and tested laboratory dryer BS-miniDRY in an economical version that offers many advantages at stand B8, Hall 5.0, at ACHEMA 2018.

Reduced to essentials, the compact and flexible dryer as an economical version is even more versatile in use – particularly wherever simple solutions without complex features are required, such as large scale (kg) laboratory applications.

Functional laboratory dryer with an extended scope of application

Many laboratories, research centers and universities already have self-sufficient supply systems for process vacuum, heating or cooling, or the recovery of drying vapors in the form of central systems for the practice-oriented simulation of multi-layer drying processes. Users there tend to prefer to control drying tests manually so they can react flexibly at all times to any results obtained and the specified aim. Long test series with a specified, reproducible sequence do not often occur, so in many cases such institutions can do without a programming interface for formula management with data storage.

“Economical-Version” with retaining flexibility and versatility

The high-end design of the BS-miniDRY from BOLZ-SUMMIX can thus be used without various additional attachments; and control including the user interface can be kept simpler and more functional. In the economical version of the BS-miniDRY, the power unit for the orbital mixing system features tough three-phase a.c. motors as well as all hardware elements of a fully equipped drying installation. This means the familiar flexibility and versatility of the mobile laboratory dryer are retained. The function control with touchscreen panel guarantees all safety-oriented locking in accordance with the machine guidelines, has password-protected user management and enables step-by-step manual control of the required process cycles, e.g. by setting the basic parameters of vacuum drying in the BS-miniDRY for all process steps. Particularly in the basic version, the BS-miniDRY has compact dimensions to ensure that the preferred site for installation (the entire dryer in a fume cupboard) is possible. The small control cabinet can be positioned freely outside the vacuum system.

BOLZ Process Technology GmbH, located in Wangen im Allgäu, is one of the leading manufacturers of machines and system solutions for mixing and drying in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The product portfolio ranges from small laboratory and test machines to comprehensive production facilities.