BOLZ-SUMMIX: celebrating 25 years of expertise

25 years ago, BOLZ joined the group that is today internationally known and successfully operating as HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group and was among its founders. However, the beginnings of BOLZ Process Technology GmbH go back much further. The company originally emerged from a specialised department of Alfred Bolz Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1964, a classical boiler and apparatus manufacturer with storage tanks, pressure and process vessels as well as machines made of stainless steel and special materials.

The company BOLZ, known as the brand BOLZ-SUMMIX, has always represented a high degree of specialisation and comprehensive expertise. Focused from the very beginning on the typical requirements of mixing and drying of solids, the team acquired increasingly process-oriented knowledge and ultimately became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process equipment for the gentle mixing and drying of solids in the chemical and fine chemical industries. Thanks to the ongoing optimization and targeted further development of special purpose machines, access was finally achieved to the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry with its sophisticated carrier materials, drugs and active ingredients. High-quality components and systems, characterized by a contained and safe operation, quickly became the recognised trademark of BOLZ – “Made in Germany” in its most original form.

Based on the comprehensive know-how in terms of application and mechanical implementation, tailor-made and fully equippped mixing and drying systems quickly took over complex processes for international customers. From this experience, the further development of the company has benefited until today. All group members are experts in their respective fields, meet the specific requirements with process-oriented solutions combining their comprehensive know-how for the optimal customer solution.

Congratulations on 25 years BOLZ Process Technology GmbH!