BOLZ dryers for high-quality API production

Being well prepared to fulfill highest standards: With the delivery of four conical orbital arm vacuum dryers, compliant with cGMP and FDA guidelines, a Chinese API producer is now ready to meet the high requirements of API production.

The equipment used by the customer before, was no longer state-of-the-art and could not comply with the current needs. Promising trial tests with the BOLZ dryers finally convinced the customer. With a successful virtual FAT in June 2020, the first project phase was completed. The customer already received two BOLZ dryers of the MF050 series. Two more dryers of the MF100 series will be delivered by the end of July 2020. Further project steps are expected to follow in this successful customer project.

The conical orbital arm vacuum dryers are ideally suited for the processing of high quality products according to international standards. They are characterized by a fully contained system, very gentle product handling and short drying times, allowing high process flexibility and multi-process applications.

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