Solution Support

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We protect your investment

The HEINKEL Group offers economic solutions for your production facilities. With upgrades and retrofits, we adjust existing systems to new requirements. Control upgrades ensure the modernization and extension of machine functions.

Our individually assembled used machines are available quickly at an attractive price. We would be happy to advise you.


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Upgrades and retrofits

Our products are high-tech investment goods with a long lifecycle. Subsequent optimizations and updates make it possible to adjust your systems to changed process  requirements. This increases productivity and production capacity which in turn
reduces operating costs. Sometimes it can become necessary to adapt your machines, instruments and control systems to comply with increased safety and validation standards. And we will help you do just this.

Our service:

  • Mechanical refurbishing as well as upgrading of subassemblies and machines
  • Renewing the instrumentation taking into account current explosion protection regulations
  • Upgrade and modernization of control equipment and software
  • Documentation, redocumentation and qualification or validation


Make new from old
“We needed three new systems all at the same time for the expansion of our production facility. To reduce investment costs, we decided to opt for used machines from the HEINKEL Group. The technicians completely overhauled the machines, brought them up to current electrical standards and adapted them perfectly to our requirements. The machines are precise and reliable. We are thoroughly impressed by what the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group has to offer and the service the company provides.”
Roberto Bandini, Project Manager

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